Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3 File Size for Xbox One Revealed

The official page for Project CARS 3 developed by Slightly Mad Studios is now live on the Xbox Marketplace revealed the required file size to install the game on Xbox One.

Project CARS 3 is set to launch on August 28, 2020, and if you’re planning to play the game, make sure that you free up some space for the storage requirement of the game. As seen on the official page, Project CARS 3 will be requiring a total of 38.42 GB storage. Of course, this is just the initial storage size that the game requires. Sooner or later, the game will require more storage to install game updates and DLC’s.

Unlike the Forza Horizon 4 that requires a total of 62.92 GB install size storage, Project CARS 3’s file size is a little bit smaller. Project CARS 3 is the newest entry in the racing series by the developer. It is currently one of the most anticipated games that will be offering improved resolution with HDR support.

As of writing, fans can now pre-order Project CARS 3 on Xbox One. Players who are planning to play Project CARS 3 on PC and PlayStation 4 can now also secure their copy by pre-ordering. Check out this link to pre-order Project CARS 3.

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