PS4 Exclusive Spider-Man Becomes The Fastest Selling Video Game Of 2018

Just a few days after its official release, PlayStation 4 exclusive game Spider-Man has become the fastest and top-selling video game of this year. Though it was only available on one platform, Spider-Man snatched the top spot from the Far Cry 5 which developed by Ubisoft and was also released this year.

In fact, Sony has also revealed that the Spider-Man has also become the fastest selling game of all time under the Marvel’s tag. The overwhelming feedback from its fans has made a big impact in achieving such big sales.  While the was still on its first week, it was already aiming to become the fastest selling Marvel game title. As of now, the record holder is the LEGO Marvel Super Heros.

Apart from Spider-Man, another game was also competing from the UK Sales Charts in terms of the top selling game. Although it was already released last year, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive is still doing a great job in the market.

While Spider-Man is already doing a great job in the gaming scene right now, he still needs to strive more if he wants to grab the spot for the fastest selling superhero video game who is currently owned by Batman Arkham Knight.

It’s still a fresh new game but the developer Insomniac Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment have already received a huge praise from other developers and its fans.