PUBG Lite Beta Test For Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia Announced

Following the initial launch of PUBG Lite in Thailand for beta testing, the developer has officially announced that 4 more countries will be able to participate in the beta testing of the game.

In an announcement posted on Facebook, PUBG Lite has confirmed that starting on February 14, 2019, players from Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia will be able to join Thailand for the beta testing of the light-weight version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Unlike the PUBG original version, PUBG Lite is a free-to-play battle royale game offering almost the same features as the original. For players who are interested in joining the beta test, you can now register an account from here.

PUBG Lite client will be available to download starting on February 13th and on the next day, the beta test will begin in 4 more countries. Check out Beebom’s review on PUBG Lite:

By Earl Stewart

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