PUBG Mobile Rony

PUBG Mobile Adds New Sanhok Exclusive Vehicle Called RONY

Following the recent update that includes the dynamic weather in PUBG Mobile, Tencent surprised their fans by adding a new vehicle exclusive for Sanhok map.

According to the official announcement on Twitter, the new vehicle called Rony is now appearing in Sanhok map alongside with the new weapons.

PUBG Mobile Rony Pickup Truck
PUBG Mobile Rony Pickup Truck

While Sanhok is just a new map, it already got a new feature that other maps don’t have. Rony is a white pickup truck that is only available on that map. Because of the diverse terrain in Sanhok, Rony is one of the best vehicles that you can use to roam around. In a video trailer shared along with the announcement, it showcases Rony and two players riding strolling across Sanhok.

Apart from the new Sanhok exclusive vehicle, the new update also brings an improved PUBG Mobile gaming experience. Players can now have a choice to have a better driver and passenger view, similar to the PUBG PC version.

A new weapon called QBU DMR is now also available in the game. QBU DMR replaces the old Mini14 and similar to the new pickup truck, it can also be found on the Sanhok map. While Sanhok got an exclusive truck, Erangel map also received an exclusive night mode feature, for now. No announcement when will be the release of the dynamic weather on the other maps in PUBG Mobile.

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