Queen of Seas

Queen of Seas Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get the 100% achievement in Queen of Seas. For those who are planning to obtain all Queen of Seas achievements, this guide is exclusively made for you.

Queen of Seas Achievement Guide

There’s a total of 22 achievements in the base game of Queen of Seas. Below is the list and tips on how you can obtain them.

Getting Started

Getting all achievements in this game requires dying, collecting coins, dying, upgrading diving suit, dying, whale spotting, dying and walking 2000 steps to meet Yemanja. All this will take approximately 80-90 minutes.

Collecting and Upgrading

The main goal of this game is to get our hero safely 2000 steps across the seafloor to the right, where he meets Yemanja. There are sharks swimming from the right and jellyfish rising up from the seafloor, both kill on contact and return us back to the starting point. To avoid this, it is necessary to jump and occasionally duck. But without suit upgrades, we walk very slow, we cannot jump high enough and we will die instantly when shark or jellyfish touches us.

The first thing we need to do is to collect coins and upgrade our diving suit. Coins are naturally floating above the seafloor in groups of 12.

Queen of Seas

Without boots upgrade, we can only jump to collect lower three coins in each group, but each upgrade will allow us to jump higher and collect more. To get all coin collecting achievements, we must collect a total of 5000 coins. Since we don’t lose any coins when we die, it is just a matter of time. To make things easier, the game sometimes calculates one coin as two, so a group of 12 coins can count as 16.

Obtainable Achievements

  • A Little Help… – Accumulate 800 coins
  • Millionaire – Collect 1000 coins
  • Billionaire – Collect 5000 coins

Whenever we have enough coins, we need to upgrade our suit. To get all upgrade achievements, we must upgrade all three parts to the maximum level of three.

  • Helm upgrade costs: 100 for lvl 1, 400 for lvl 2 and 600 for lvl 3, total amount 1100.
  • Chest upgrade costs: 200 for lvl 1, 450 for lvl 2 and 700 for lvl 3, total amount 1350.
  • Boots upgrade costs: 50 for lvl 1, 200 for lvl 2 and 400 for lvl 3, total amount 650.

As mentioned before, upgraded boots will allow us to jump higher, upgraded helm will allow us to walk faster and upgraded chest will allow us to get hit more than once (each upgrade is essentially one more life). It takes approximately 13 minutes to get all three parts upgraded to level 1 and one hour to max all.

Obtainable Achievements

  • First Consumer Discount – Buy one suit upgrade
  • Loyalty Program – Buy one of each suit upgrade
  • I Want Quality! – Reach max level for one suit upgrade
  • Power Overwhelming – Reach max level for all suit upgrades


To get all achievements for dying, we must die 100 times to shark and 50 times to jellyfish. At first, each death means going back to the menu and diving back in. But when we upgrade our diving suit (chest piece, to be precise), we can get hit up to three more times before we are sent back to the menu. All these “hits” count towards the achievement and therefore it is more time-efficient to farm deaths with suit upgraded to the max. And death farming is what we will inevitably do because it’s not difficult to finish the main quest without enough deaths for all achievements.

Obtainable Achievements

  • Shark Food – Get hit by a shark once
  • Shark Lunch – Get hit by a shark 10 times
  • Shark Meal – Get hit by a shark 50 times
  • Shark Feast – Get hit by a shark 100 times
  • Burn! – Get hit by a jellyfish once
  • Burn, Baby, Burn! – Get hit by a jellyfish 5 times
  • Fire on the Water – Get hit by a jellyfish 25 times
  • Tides of Hell – Get hit by a jellyfish 50 times

Walking and Main Quest

Remaining achievements are part of the main quest to reach Yemanja. Walking achievements are granted after 100, 500 and 1500 steps.

Obtainable Achievements

  • First Steps – Walk 100 steps
  • Keep Walking – Walk 500 steps
  • A Giant Leap for Mankind – Walk 1500 steps

And sometimes during our journey, we are bound to meet three whales to get whale spotting achievements. We may even not notice them, as they are harmlessly swimming in the background and we keep our eyes on the sharks:

Queen of Seas

Obtainable Achievements

  • What a Whale!! – See a whale
  • Wow! Another Whale!! – See two whales in the same run.
  • How is That Even Possible? – See three whales in the same run.

There we are, in about an hour we managed to get to The Queen of Seas herself, Yemanja and get the main achievement.

Obtainable Achievement

  • The Queen of Seas – Reach Yemanja

And that’s it, it should take another 20-30 minutes to farm remaining deaths and coins and get another perfect game to our collection.

Additional Notes

Two more things to point out:

  1. Whenever we get an achievement, we also get coins as a prize. The prize varies from 10 to 25 coins, with an exception of whale spotting, whales are more profitable – first will grant us 50 coins, second 100 coins and third 150 coins. These coins do not count towards coin collection achievements but allow us to get suit upgrades faster.
  2. Achievements are tracked in the game and they are uploaded to Steam when you exit. All are working as of January 17, 2021.

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