Quern - Undying Thoughts

Quern – Undying Thoughts Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer and publisher Zadbox Entertainment has released the official Quern – Undying Thoughts achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Quern – Undying Thoughts, players will be needing a total of 1,000 Gamerscore to earn the 16 achievements in the game. None of these achievements are secret. Below is the complete list of achievements for Quern – Undying Thoughts.

First PhaseEnter the Professor’s Crystal Lab50
ShipwreckedSurvive the boat ride50
...and don’t forget to water the plants!Revive the plants in the Gardens50
Friend or Foe?Meet Gamana for the first time50
White is the New OrangeCreate a purified energy crystal50
Too Lazy to ClimbGet access to the tower in the Main Square50
Good AudienceListen to the story of the Seekers50
Deeper UndergroundGoing deeper underground50
Taste Them AllTaste all the berry juices50
All Things in PlaceReturn the professor’s most precious item to its place50
The FollowerFollow the Professor’s guidance50
The SacrificeFollow Gamana’s guidance50
The Brightest of All ScholarsDraw at least 19 sketches in your notebook100
Find What is Hidden I.Find a secret near the Watchtower100
Find What is Hidden II.Find a secret near the Mine100
Find What is Hidden III.Find a secret in the Corridor underground100