Raid Land Classes, Sub-Classes, and Map Guide

This guide will be showing you the details of classes and sub-classes characters that you can use in RaidLand. If you’re one of the players who are just getting started with the game, make sure to check this guide as it will surely help you in the long run. In addition, we will also be sharing with you the different maps where you can showcase your skills in Raid Lands.

In order to have a general idea of the game, you need to understand what classes and subclasses exist in Raid Lands. Below is the list of playable characters that you can use in the game.


Raid Land Classes and Sub-Classes


Let’s forget the Raid Land wiki and figure out for ourselves what this miracle is. In short and to the point, this is a character throwing axes and fighting with him. It is a unique class that includes both ranged and melee capabilities. The class does not stand out for special indicators of health or energy (no skills).
I don’t really want to talk about the character’s perks, and it’s not as interesting as the perks on the 5th tier.

Grim Berserk

If you want to enjoy the fact that your enemies are losing health, but you get it on the contrary, then this berserker class is right for you. The principle of operation of this class is clear even in appearance.

The reaper enchanted his scythe with incomprehensible black magic, from which his enemies flare up and turn into ash, and at this time our reaper gets their health for himself. A little embellished? YES. But the meaning is conveyed correctly. The reaper throws a scythe, and enemies in the radius of the ball lose their hp. In principle, I don’t even know what to add.

Wild Berserk

One of my favorite subclasses me personally. A wild berserker capable of breaking crowds of enemies and turning their bodies into minced meat, and those who somehow survived and try to escape from him, he is able to jump on his victim, slow it down and break it in two with his hammer.

Perhaps if we compare the Wild and the Gloomy berserker, then it is immediately clear to whom many will give preference. BUT! A wild berserker is exactly the one who is able to break down entire groups of opponents, due to his jump, able to slow down and take as many people as possible with him. That is why I give my preference more to the Wild Berserker.


Here we come to the dirtiest and most dishonest class in the game. Warrior. I don’t even know how to describe it. Totally dishonest class in the game. All thanks to its most important feature: shield. Thanks to the shield, he can get close to you very quickly and shave off in a matter of seconds.

The only place where you can get a warrior is his back, at least try as hard as you can, but you cannot pierce him not from the side, not from above, only the back. But you can still pierce him by breaking his shield. It’s easy to do, just shoot or hit his shield until it breaks, then the warrior will open and you can safely kill him.

He can also jump into a crowd of enemies and make a dash, but this is not as important as his shield, so you need to play against him carefully, and do not go head-on.

Golem Warrior

Oh lord. Should I seriously disassemble this monster? You know everything I said about the standard warrior these flowers, this is about the same person who doesn’t want to meet in a dark lane. So… Let’s quickly go over and understand what he is.

This subclass is able to create a dome around itself that does not allow arrows or berserker axes to pass through, that is, this warrior jumps with all his weight on the floor and creates a circle that does not let anything through. In principle, this subclass is incapable of dying. Should you play for this class or not? You decide.

Immortal Warrior

This subclass, like “Wild Berserker”, also attracted little attention from players, but I will still tell about it without embellishment. The whole point of this subclass is precisely in its dash. Again, the subclass is underestimated, but it is still quite powerful and needs to be learned to play as.

Archer (Hunter)

Finally, the best class in the opinion of many. Archer is the class for which you need to learn how to play first. The ideal thing about him is that he is a ranged class, in other words, it’s hard to get close to him. Constant shelling does not allow getting close to him.

Tides allow him to be in the distance with you. Also, when jumping, the archer can hang in the air for a while, which allows him to aim well at you. The only drawback is the smallest amount of hp in the game. But still, if your hands grow out of the right place, then this is not a minus for you, because, as I said, you cannot be approached.

Falcon Archer

If you suddenly feel the urge to become even more dexterous, then Falcon Archer is your choice. A completely elusive archer, when you double-click on the jump button, begins to float in the air like a bird. Allows you to be saved even in the most inevitable moment.

Shadow Archer

Another elusive subclass that can go invisible and be almost invisible to its enemies. Why “almost”? I’ll explain now. Although this class goes into invisibility, still its traces give out where it is, although sometimes it merges with the environment, for example, on the winter map. Plus, if you hit him with an arrow, and he went into invisibility, the arrow will not evaporate, you will also track it along the arrow.

These were all the classes and subclasses the game has to offer. Each subclass costs 2250 gold, and a lot of time should be spent on pumping it. In Section 4, I will explain how to farm gold and XP quickly and correctly.

Maps of Raid Land

We will not focus on this section for a long time, since there are only 3 cards here. So let’s start!


This card is neutral in itself. What I mean. This map is very easy to understand, but this map itself is narrow, there are a lot of small spaces, which is good for berserkers and warriors. It is very difficult for Archers to open up on this map since it is quite difficult to dodge in some narrow space, but still, nothing is impossible.

There are 4 places for the chest with gold, 2 on the bottom, 2 on the top (marked with a gold square on the map). In the last minutes, a sandstorm appears, which reduces visibility.


The only association that comes to mind with this map is Cold Siberia. This map itself is designed for shooting from afar, with a lot of covers, a lot of hills. Although the map itself is beautiful and even mesmerizing, it is inconvenient for places with chests because they are located not in a line, but in a circle. Which makes you spin in different directions.

There are a lot of walls on the map, which allows players to kill you unnoticed and you won’t even be able to understand where they killed you from. And as I said, there are a lot of hills on the map that anyone can climb, and the game as a whole turns not into a hunt for gold, but into a parkour map from cs 1.6. And this card finishes off with the fact that at the last minute, the card turns you into a blind kitten, unable to understand where to run. Try it yourself at the last minute, you will understand what I mean.


For the sake of this map, I also added this section. This is the same card that gives freedom to all classes. There are only 3 chests of gold on this map (the only card with 3 chests). Very easy-to-understand map, with open terrain making it easy to master any class.


And that’s all for this Raid Land guide. We would like to extend our gratitude to tilt.naxuy for this detailed guide for Raid Land. Feel free to visit him on Steam.

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