Receiver 2

Receiver 2 – Turrets Tips and Strategies

This guide will be covering the tips and strategies that you can use for turrets in Receiver 2. If you’re one of the players of Receiver 2 and want to learn more advance details and information about turrets in the game, this guide is for you.

Turrets Tips and Strategies

Turrets are the main kill drone that you will encounter in Receiver 2, they use a searchlight to find you, and if you step in, they point to you and try to kill you with rifle-calibre bullets of an unknown type (presumably 5.56 NATO but this has not been confirmed).

All turrets share the following components that can be destroyed by a well-positioned shot.

  • Motor: How the turret rotates itself, located at the center of the turret base.
  • Battery: Gives power to the turrets that destroy the turret.
  • Camera: The turret’s primary sensor, which destroys this, prevents the turret from detecting you. Shines is a light.
  • CPU/Motion Sensor: An invisible secondary sensor that helps the turret to aim and calculate the distance. Destroying this on most turrets can buy you some time, destroying it on a sleeper turret neutralizes it.
  • Ammo box: Destruction of this box on the back prevents the turret from getting more ammo, but beware, there may still be a round in the chamber.
  • Gun Barrel: When the bullets come out, it’s hard to shoot, but if you can pull it off, it’ll bend the shots in a different direction.

Turrets have the most variety in the game, the following properties can be mixed and matched (with the obvious exceptions being the location, floor or ceiling)

  • Sweeping: Turns the body into a preset angle with a delay.
  • Rotating: Searches at a constant point in the area,
  • Prototype: “Cut out” you can see the inside of the base.
  • Standard: Like a prototype, but the insides are covered by a thin metal plate.
  • Sleeper: Not active until you have crossed the motion sensor (which range is invisible).
  • Armored: Has armor plating covering both the front and the sides of the turret.

When dealing with turrets, the goal is generally to disable them, although sneaking around is an option.

  • I personally like to aim for cameras, they’re big targets and don’t have the danger of being potentially dangerous once they’ve been destroyed, remember all the enemies one shot killed!
  • Armored turrets can be tricky to deal with, but the SAA or Desert Eagle can penetrate their armor, otherwise, you might have to steal it to get a better angle. Their armor does not cover the top, the back or the bottom.
  • Ceiling Turrets are vulnerable from below as they have a massive blind spot.
    The flipside turrets on the ground are vulnerable from above, but up close you can hide at a sharp angle below them.
  • Sweeping turrets are often ideal hacking targets, drop ammo and are relatively easy to sneak around with some good use of cover, sprint and patience.
  • When turrets die they drop ammo.
  • Floor turrets fire faster than their ceiling counterparts

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