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Solo Leveling Chapter 157: Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Release Date

After being delayed for a week, the Solo Leveling manhwa series is back on its track. Chapter 156 is now available, which means that we


Ark Survival Evolved Update 331.7 Patch Notes for PC

Developer and publisher Studio Wildcard has released the newest Ark Survival Evolved update 331.7 for PC. The new update has been rolled out today, June


Valorant Update 3.0 Patch Released: Episode 3 Act 1 Arrives

Developer and publisher Riot Games has officially released the official patch notes of Valorant update 3.0. Valorant players can now download this new update on


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 212 Release Date, Predictions, and Recap

Without any hesitation, Draken rejected the invitation that South Terano offered in Chapter 310. The latest Tokyo Revengers manga chapter titled “The Law of the


Final Fantasy XIV Update 9.11 Patch 5.57 Changelog Released

Developer Square Enix has released the newest Final Fantasy XIV update 9.11. The new Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.57 brings a lot of bug fixes,


Red Solstice 2: Survivors Crack Status, Download, and Updates

Ironward’s strategy-RPG game Red Solstice 2: Survivors has officially arrived on PC. Just like any other PC game, many are asking if there’s a Red


Boruto Fans Welcomes Daemon, the Newest Overpowered Enemy in the Series

Prior to this, all of the Kara members in Boruto were extremely powerful. Even the Kage of other villages, let alone Jigen, would have a


5 Similarities of Izuku Midoriya from MHA and Rock Lee from Naruto

As you may know, Rock Lee from the Naruto anime bears a striking resemblance to Izuku Midoriya aka Deku from Boku no Hero Academia! What


5 Reasons Why Iron Man is Hard to Replace in the MCU

Iron Man is one of the characters that made the Marvel Cinematic Universe so big. Although Tony Stark’s character has been made to die, his


MLB The Show 21 Update 9 Now Available for PlayStation and Xbox

Developer SIE San Diego Studio has rolled out the newest MLB The Show 20 update 9 adding some minor changes in the franchise, stadium, online


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