Returnal – How to Skip Intro Videos

Are you annoyed with the intro videos and other splash videos appearing when launching Returnal? If so, this guide will show you how to get rid of and skip those annoying and long intro videos of Returnal. Read on and learn how to skip the intro videos and splash screens in the game.

How to Skip Intro Videos

To skip the intro videos when launching Returnal, simply do the following steps:

  1. Go where the game is installed, and navigate to \Returnal\Content\Movies
  2. Delete (or rename) all the videos with “logos” as a name which are:
    • Logos_PC.mp4
    • Logos_PC_UW21.mp4
    • Logos_PC_UW32.mp4
    • Logos_Short_PC.mp4
    • Logos_Short_PC_UW21.mp4
    • Logos_Short_PC_UW32.mp4

There’s only a total of 6 videos that are included in the intro videos of Returnal. You can rename or delete those videos to skip the long splash screen of the game. Good luck!