REZ PLZ Achievements and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Long Neck Games and publisher Graffiti Games released the official REZ PLZ achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In REZ PLZ, players will be collecting 25 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements that can be found in REZ PLZ. Check out the full REZ PLZ achievements for Xbox One below.

REZ PLZ Achievements

Gettin RektDie 50 times40
Live, die, repeatDie 25 times40
"A" StudentEarn an A Grade40
Straight "A" StudentEarn an A or better on all the levels40
More deaths than SekiroDie 100 times40
Gotta go Fast!Earn an S Grade40
FireStarterShoot 20 fireballs40
Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?Kill 20 monsters40
Teacher's petFind all the secret items40
A Hero's FuneralBeat the game40
Get goodBeat all the Gauntlets40
NERD ALERT!Get A on all levels and all extra credit40
Sweaty boisComplete the Brannosian Caves40
Scary boisComplete Castle Death40
Stinky boisComplete Innerspace40
Jungle boisComplete Jungle of Skulls40
Savior boisComplete the Maw of Oblivion40
Frequent Flyer milesGlide 50 times40
Stoney BolognaTurn to stone 20 times40
I think therefore I dieDie from using Telekinesis40
Mind over MatterMove 20 objects using Telekinesis40
The stuff of legendGet an A on all gauntlets40
If you're not first, you're lastEarn an S on all the Levels40
Completionist!Earn an S Grade on all levels and find all secrets40
Dispose of the bodyThrow a Goat in Lava40

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By Earl Stewart

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