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Roblox Clicker Simulator Codes January 2023

This Roblox wiki guide will show you the complete list of all working Roblox Clicker Simulator codes for you to redeem. Since this page is being updated constantly, we highly recommend bookmarking it if you want to get the newest Clicker Simulator codes.

Clicker Simulator is one of the hottest Roblox games in the community. Creator Pressure Studios has been frequently releasing new updates for the game, which is one of the reasons why it managed to gain more than 30,000 active players. In addition, Roblox Clicker Simulator also managed to surpass 100 million total visits since its release. If you’re one of the players who are looking for the new Clicker Simulator codes, feel free to check the list below.

Clicker Simulator Codes (January 2023 Update)

The following Clicker Simulator codes have been tested and confirmed to be working as of January 24, 2023. If you’re experiencing some issues while redeeming the code, please let us know in the comments.

Active Clicker Simulator Codes

  • freeautohatch – Free Auto Hatch
  • 75KLIKES – Free ??? reward
  • 100KLIKES – Free ??? reward
  • 125KLUCK – Free 2x Luck
  • 150KCLICKS Free ??? reward
  • FREEAUTOHATCH5 – Free 2 hours Auto Hatch
  • 175KLIKELUCK – Free ??? reward
  • 200KLIKECODE – Free 1 hour of 2x Shiny Chance
  • 225KLIKECODE – Free 1 hour of 2x Shiny Chance

Expired Clicker Simulator Codes

We are constantly tracking all the newly released codes for Roblox Clicker Simulator. Due to the long list of inactive codes, our team decided to no longer list them as they add no value.

All Clicker Simulator codes are free but only available for a limited period of time. This means that once the Clicker Simulator codes listed above expire, you will no longer be able to claim the free gifts and rewards in the game. We are keeping Roblox Clicker Simulator under surveillance to give you the latest and newest codes that they release.

To avoid any Clicker Simulator code errors, we highly recommend entering the exact letter case as shown above, including the spacing and special characters.

About Clicker Simulator

⚡ Click to get clicks!
🐾 Hatch, collect, and trade LEGENDARY pets!
🔄 Rebirth to get a Clicks multiplier and Gems!
💰 Buy rebirth pets & buttons to help you on your journey!
⏫ Unlock more Double Jumps & discover Islands high above!
🏆 Climb the leaderboards & become a Clicking God!

You can check the official Roblox page of Clicker Simulator from here.