Rogue Company Trophy List and Guide for PS4

Developer First Watch Games and Publisher Hi-Rez Studios released the official Rogue Company trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Rogue Company, players will be collecting 21 trophies consisting of 5 bronze, 7 silver, 8 gold, and 1 platinum. Check out the full Rogue Company trophies for PS4 below.

Rogue Company Trophies

Rogue's GalleryUnlock all other trophies in Rogue CompanyPlatinum Trophy
All I do is WinWin 100 matchesGold Trophy
First AidRevive a total of 100 playersGold Trophy
HeadhunterDeal a total of 10,000 damage to players via headshotsGold Trophy
Hard CarryDown 20 enemies in a single matchGold Trophy
All in the FamilyPlay 25 hours in a partyGold Trophy
Good CompanyWin 8 matches with 8 different charactersGold Trophy
Zip On LockDown an enemy while riding a ziplineGold Trophy
MoneybagsAccrue a total of $70000 in a single match.Gold Trophy
Not Even CloseDown an enemy while you have less than 10% healthSilver Trophy
ThriftyWin a match without purchasing a primary weaponSilver Trophy
AmbushDown an enemy without taking return damageSilver Trophy
Four's a PartyDown 4 enemies in one roundSilver Trophy
ZealDown an enemy with a melee weaponSilver Trophy
No RespectDown an enemy with a gadget while looking away from themSilver Trophy
GrenadierDeal 1,000 damage with gadgetsSilver Trophy
GunsmithFully upgrade a primary weaponBronze Trophy
PerkyPurchase 3 perks in a single matchBronze Trophy
DecimatedDown 10 enemiesBronze Trophy
ScavengerPick up another player's weapon and down an enemy with itBronze Trophy
UnflappableComplete the tutorialBronze Trophy

If you think we made a mistake on the listed Rogue Company trophies above, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

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Deivid Smith

Hi, I got an Issue about “Good Company” Trophy, already won with 8 characters, but didn’t work, and the same happened to a friend. Is there some characters with bugs? Or what do I have to d in order to complete it?