Rumor: Rocksteady Developing New Justice League Game Coming Out Next Year

It seems like Batman: Arkham developer Rocksteady is developing a new Justice League game and expected to release in 2019.

Apparently, someone has leaked a vital information about the new game that Rocksteady has been developing. In a thread found in 4chan, an anonymous user has shared some information for the new Justice League game from Rocksteady.

“Let me preface this by saying I am not someone who is working on the game but do know someone that is. I’ll share all the details they have with me,” the anonymous user said.

According to him, the new Justice League title from Rocksteady is not yet settled. But there are few possible titles that the company is thinking, Justice League: Crisis, Justice League: New Crisis, or Justice League: Infinite Crisis.

The rumored Justice League game also aims to target upcoming new consoles which include Xbox Scarlett and PS5. While we still have no official announcement about this new consoles, it is likely that we’ll hear about them early next year.

In addition, the anonymous user also shared the story plot of the rumored Justice League game. “All the heroes are pretty early on in their careers. Batman’s still considered an urban legend to anyone outside of Gotham, Superman isn’t the “world protector” yet, and WW is still on Themyscira. Aquaman’s still in the sea, GL is in space, and Wally isn’t even a hero yet,” he mentioned.

Some of the characters were also revealed. This includes the JL main force, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Aquaman. Its location will be in several cities – Metropolis, Gotham, Keystone, and expect to see more for the DLC’s.

The leak also said that the new Justice League game will be an episode themed game, with its main villain Starro. And since it will be an episodic game, Brainiac and Darkseid are expected to make their appearance in the game.

Our Thoughts

We are not sure how legit this leak is, but with the details that have been mentioned, it’s pretty cool if this is real.

Looking at the previous games from Rocksteady, they always try to tease their players for the next upcoming release. One example is the Batman: Arkham Asylum, where they had a hidden room hinting to their next game Arkham City. Next is the Batman: Arkham City where they had another hint with Scarecrow toxin which later points to Arkham Knight. While in Arkham Knight’s DLC, Batgirl: A Matter of Family, there’s also another room showing Starro in a huge test tube.

Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Starro

Now that this rumored Justice League came out with Starro as the main villain, it makes sense why Rocksteady hints Starro in Batgirl: A Matter of Family.

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