Sapiens Key Bindings and Controls Guide

The early access of Majic Jungle’s newest colony simulator video game, Sapiens, has finally been kicked off. There are lots of things that can be done in the game, which means that there are also lots of keys that you need to remember. In this guide, we will be showing you the complete list of Sapiens controls and shortcuts.

Sapiens Controls

Let’s start this guide with the menu controls. The following are the keys for navigating the menu of the game.

Sapiens Menu Controls

Moving to the in-game key bindings, here are the important keys that you should know.

Close / HideEsc
ChatCtrl + C
Confirm / EnterE
Secondary ConfirmCtrl + Enter
Open Build MenuQ
Open Build Menu (Alternative)F1
Open Tribe MenuF2
Open Routes MenuF3
Open Settings MenuF4
Zoom to NotificationEnter
Pause / UnpauseSpacebar
Toggle Speed Up TimeTab
Game Speed Slow Motion9
Radial Menu Shortcut 11
Radial Menu Shortcut 22
Radial Menu Shortcut 33
Radial Menu Shortcut 44
Radial Menu Shortcut 55
Radial Menu Remove / DestroyR
Radial Menu Build MoreB
Radial Menu Automate ModifierAlt
Zoom Click ModifierCtrl
Multi-Select Click ModifierShift
Sapiens Game Controls

Now that you already know the game controls, it’s time for you to learn the movements. Here are the default keybindings for movements in Sapiens.

Forward (Alternative)Up
Backward (Alternative)Down
Left (Alternative)Left
Right (Alternative)Right
Sapiens Movement Controls

Knowing that this game is a survival-colony building game, you will need to create buildings and other structures for your community. Check out the building hotkeys below:

Axis Switch / Disable SnappingShift
Placement Fine Tune ModifierCtrl
Placement No Build Order ModifierAlt
Rotate 90 on X AxisX
Rotate 90 on Y AxisY
Rotate 90 on Z AxisZ
Sapiens Building Controls

For the text entry, multi-select, and debug, here are the key bindings for these functions:

Sent / EnterEnter
NewlineShift + Enter
Subtract ModifierShift
ReloadCtrl + R
Lock CameraP
Set Debug Object`
Sapiens Misc. Controls

Last but not least is key bindings for the cinematic camera controls. These hotkeys will allow you to record or save keyframes. Additionally, you can also preview what you have captured in the game.

Start Record 1Shit + Ctrl + 1
Start Record 2Shit + Ctrl + 2
Start Record 3Shit + Ctrl + 3
Start Record 4Shit + Ctrl + 4
Start Record 5Shit + Ctrl + 5
Insert KeyframeI
Save KeyframeEnter
Remove KeyframeDelete
Next Keyframe.
Previous Keyframe,
+ Keyframe Duration+
– Keyframe Duration
Play 1Ctrl + 1
Play 2Ctrl + 2
Play 3Ctrl + 3
Play 4Ctrl + 4
Play 5Ctrl + 5
Sapiens Cinematic Camera Controls

With all the listed Sapiens key bindings and shortcuts above, you’re now ready to build your own civilization in the game.

Take note that these default Sapiens controls can be remapped. To remap the default controls, you need to go to the Key Bindings tab in the settings section of the game. You need to click the pen icon next to the function and assign your desired shortcut.

This is everything you need to learn about the Sapiens key bindings. In case we missed any important control keys of the game, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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