Savage Lands Freydalyn | How to Unlock Freydalyn Island

One of the islands that you will be able to unlock as you progress in Savage Lands is called Freydalyn. This island will not be automatically unlocked until you meet its requirements.

In this guide, we will be showing you the steps on how you can unlock the second island in Savage Lands. Please note that this guide may contains spoilers of the game.

How to Unlock Freydalyn in Savage Lands

So to get to the second island you need to kill 2 bosses which only come out at night.

  • Lord Kruul who can be found only at night in Saval. A yellow message will appear saying something like “Lord Kruul as arrived”.
  • Rycnth, the red wolf spirit who appears only at night near the lake. You will need spirit armor to survive and defeat the wolf. No special message, you will see a red glowing wolf walking around.

If neither spawn, just start killing all the bestiaries you see, it usually spawns them in faster.

Once you have killed both of them, you should have picked up two stone tablets, and then place them in the portal.

About Freydalyn


  • Rabbits, deer, wild boars, dire wolves, bears (found in mountain areas), e’ks, elementals, plague wolf, kiilot, undead fury, and spirits.
  • Threat level increases, animals are more hostile.
  • Field of awareness increase greatly, can’t walk past them anymore.
  • Will attack when you get near them and will chase you without stopping.
  • Will barely survive with tin armor. Upgrading to copper will be first priority.
  • Flint arrows and wooden bow are useless, barely do any damage.
  • Ebon steel arrows and bow will 1 shot most game animals and 2-3 shots for bigger game animals.

Best place to build

  • I built 3 houses on this island and the 2 best places to build are Tilian Homestead and Stonemoor.
  • From Tilian Homestead you can go anywhere you want.
    • Portal 1 – in Vex takes you to Stonemoor.
    • Portal 2 – in Vera Chuul takes you to Ruins of Argo.
    • Portal 3 – this portal will take you to Lake of Tvyekk. Its well hidden and easy to miss. Go to the portal that allows you to go between the 2 islands, but don’t enter it. You should see a tall glacier standing up in the middle of the water, just beyond that is the portal.

Gathering Resources


  • Plenty of wildlife around tilian homestead to provide steady income for food, animal skin, sinews, and hide.


  • 2 silver nodes in Oscira, same room as Grot the frost forest giant. I have a seperate character called “silver” who just stays up there just to farm silver every in game day cycle.
  • There are at least 16 nodes from the start of the wall bridge on the tilian homestead side and all the way to dragons. I was able to 80+ copper for each run.
  • Iron nodes are in the middle of island around the big mountain between Tilian Homestead and Stonemoor. There is a path shown on the map that you can follow.

Coal, clay, tin, and flint are some more resources that you can found in this area.

Guide by Dilligan.

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