SCP: Escape Together

SCP: Escape Together Cheats and Console Commands

This guide will be revealing all the cheats and console commands that you can use in SCP: Escape Together. For players who are curious about the available commands in the game, make sure to check the full details below.

SCP: Escape Together

SCP: Escape Together Cheats and Commands

  • GIVE <ITEM> – Share item to all players.
  • ITEMLIST – Shows all available items.
  • CLS|CLEAR – Clears the console output.
  • QUIT|EXIT – Quits the game.
  • HELP – Shows a list of available commands.
  • REFRESHFIX – Changes the console refresh mode.
  • VALUE <VALUE> – Displays the value of the variable giving its hidden code.
  • SEED – Displays the map seed.
  • NOCLIP – Allows you to fly through the walls.
  • SHOWRIDS – Switches the RIDS display mode.
  • FORCECLASS|FC <CLASS> – Forces a class change.
  • CLASSLIST – Prints a list of all available classes.
  • GOTO <ROOM> – Move to the selected place.
  • RANGE – Unlocks access to the shooting range.
  • ROUNDRESTART – Force round restart.
  • CONFIG – Configuration file commands.
  • BAN <PLAYER|IP>, <MINUTES> – Bans a player for the period specified.
  • BANREFRESH – Reloads the ban list.

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