Secret Neighbor Easter Event

Secret Neighbor Easter Event Update Released, Get the Details Here

Publisher TinyBuild Games has rolled out the newest Secret Neighbor patch introducing the latest Easter event in the game.

Starting today, April 10th, players will be able to participate in the Secret Neighbor Easter Event. To celebrate its release, Secret Neighbor developer has added a new map for players to explore.

Secret Neighbor Easter Event Features

New Map

So what’s new on this map? Well, everything is brand new. If you’re familiar with the previous map, then this map will surely give you some thrilling actions.

  • Decentralized the action points away from the basement door
  • Added more inner space in house architecture for better observation
  • Added more unique architectural elements for platforming + new moving platforms and ladders
  • Reworked the house progression
  • And more!

The arrival of the new map doesn’t mean that the old map is no longer accessible. No, you can still access it. You will have the option to switch between the new and old maps.

Neighbor’s in-game progression changes

Starting today, players playing as a Neighbor doesn’t require you to use bathtubs to unlock a certain ability. Since the bathtubs are no longer needed to unlock abilities, it is temporarily removed from the map.

Egg Hunting

There will be an exclusive Easter activity waiting for you in the game. Make sure to survive while egg hunting on the map. Each egg will grant players a coin at the end of the round.

Easter Costumes

Easter is not complete without these new costumes. Players now have more options to enjoy the event by using the Easter-themed costumes and accessories.

Secret Neighbor Easter Event

Other Updates

Apart from all the Secret Neighbor Easter Event update, the latest patch also includes some changes to decrease in-game lobby freezes.

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