Sega Announces Six New Sega Ages Classic Games For Nintendo Switch

SEGA has just announced six new classic games exclusive for Sega Ages collections coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

During the  SEGA Fes 2019, the company has revealed that there will be six classic games coming to Switch in 2019. This includes:

  • SEGA AGES Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R
  • SEGA AGES Shinobi
  • SEGA AGES Fantasy Zone
  • SEGA AGES Herzog Zwei
  • SEGA AGES Wonder Boy In Monster Land

For fans who are not familiar with this, Sega Ages is the newest project by Sega to remaster and re-release some good old arcade games on current gen consoles such as Nintendo Switch.

More details about the game and the future of the development will be revealed soon.

By Kaitlyn Williams

Game blogger, skydiver and a mother of 2. A part-time writer and also a gamer. As of now, I only play games on my PC. But who knows, I might get a PS4 someday.