Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4 Console Command Cheat Codes for PC

Serious Sam 4 has finally arrived on PC and just like any other PC games, players have a chance to use some cheat and dominate the game. If you’re looking for the complete console commands, you just found the right place. Below you will find the list of commands that you can use in Serious Sam 4 on PC.

To use the following codes, first, you need to open the console by pressing the ~ button on your keyboard. The console will appear in front of you where you can type the cheat codes below.

Serious Sam 4

Serious Sam 4 Cheat Codes

Enable All Cheats cht_bEnableCheats=1
Disable All Cheats cht_bEnableCheats=0
Auto Aim Enabled cht_bAutoAim
God Mode Enabled cht_bGod
No Clip cht_bGhost
Increase Speed cht_bTurbo
Flying Enabled cht_bFly
Infinite Ammo cht_bInfiniteAmmo
Get All Weapon with Max Ammo cht_bGiveAll
Full Ammo for a Specified WeaponchtGiveAmmo()
Health cht_slGiveHealth
Get Skill Points cht_slGiveSkillPoints
Reset Unlocked Skills cht_slResetSkills
Start New Game chtClearGameProgress()
Start a Specified Chapter chtJumpToChapter()
Start First Chapter chtJumpToFirstChapter()
Start Next Chapter chtJumpToNextChapter()
Get a Specified WeaponchtGiveWeapon()
Start Next LevelchtJumpToNextLevel()
Give you a Set Amount of Armorch_slGiveArmor
Enable Invisibilitycht_bInvisible
Kill All Enemiescht_bKillAll
Kill Boss Enemy cht_bKillBoss
Go Through Plasma Wallscht_bPassThroughPlasmaWalls
Enable Mental Modecht_bUnlockMentalMode
Infinite Staminacht_bInfiniteStamina

By default, the value of 0 indicates that the cheat is disabled. To activate the cheat, simply change its value from 0 to 1.