Metal Gear Solid

Snake Voice Actor Debunked The Rumored New Metal Gear Solid Game

Gossip about the development of a new Metal Gear Solid game has surfaced online. While this rumor caused some excitement to many fans, Metal Gear voice actors debunked the story and said that there is no new Metal Gear game in development right now.

Kazuhira Miller voice actor Robin Atkin Downes and Snake voice actor David Hayter started all these rumors after they reminisce the moments when they are working with Metal Gear franchise.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake
Metal Gear Solid: Snake

During their online live stream, they talked about the good old days when they are working. But before their stream ends, the two clarified that there’s nothing really going on right now with the video game series.

“Unfortunately, we wanna make it clear, there is nothing right now in the works. We just want to make that clear,” Robin clarified. “But to me, it says- all of the people that have been tweeting, it’s exciting to me that people are truly interested in something else, and obviously, I’d be down for it.”

However, the two voice actors are still hoping that the Metal Gear series is not yet over. Hayter even said that he is dying to get a call from the developer to get back in the game.

“Do we miss working on the series? I do, Doing Snake was one of the best jobs I ever had, and I had a very good run of games.” Hayter said. “It is always an adventure to step into a new Metal Gear game, and getting to work with those amazing actors, and with our English voice director Kris Zimmerman. So yeah, I miss it quite a bit.”

In addition, Hayter apologized to Metal Gear fans for the misleading tweets that caused the community to speculate things. As of writing, Konami has not given any statement about this matter.

By Kaitlyn Williams

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