Snapchat Introduces New AR Features

Snapchat announced several new features that will be coming to the app soon, allowing users to have access to Augmented Reality.

Despite not being so popular in some parts of the world, Snapchat continues to be a social network widely used in other countries, making available on its platform dozens of interesting functions, such as filters and the possibility of creating videos similar to what we found on TikTok. This week the developer of the platform revealed the arrival of several new features in the application, which will be implemented in the coming months, although there is still no specific date when the features will be added in the stable version.

Acquisition of WaveOptics

This week Snap Inc. announced the purchase of WaveOptics for $500 million, definitely entering the augmented reality business and indicating that it may launch new applications that exclusively use this functionality soon. The purchase is also expected to benefit the Snap division that is working on developing augmented reality glasses to compete with competitors such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

“We have worked with them (WaveOptics) for years in the development of waveguides, which are the piece of glass in Spectacles that allows you to see 3D graphics in the real world and projectors that help project light onto that surface. these components are really sophisticated and complex, and it really takes years and years to broaden horizons in terms of what can be done,”

– Snap

Snapchat Integrating AR

Recently the developer of Snapchat announced that it will provide important updates regarding the use of the camera by the application, allowing users of the social network to have some Augmented Reality (AR) effects available, making the user experience more fun. It is expected that some brands use the novelty to publicize their products, creating advertisements that use the resource and disseminate on the platform.

In addition to the integration with this technology, it was also revealed that the application will receive support for YouTube Music, allowing it to import music just as it is done with SoundCloud. New integration with Bumble was also announced, allowing users to send selfies with Snapchat effects to the relationship app.

Another feature that caught the attention after being announced by Snap Inc. is the possibility to identify clothes and instantly receive results regarding the value and availability in the market.

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