Spore – Beginner’s Omnivore Path Guide

This guide will be covering the basic tips and steps on how you can get the correct path for being an omnivore in Spore. If you’re of the Spore players who are struggling with the omnivore path, this guide is just for you.

Spore’s Omnivore Path Guide

Below are the stages on how to get the proper omnivore route in Spore. These are divided into four stages.

Cell stage

Now this may be a bit tricky as you can’t just choose the omnivore path. You have to do some stuff before fully starting it. When you have enough points you have to put the opposite mouth of your diet on. Why? Simple. With the extra mouth, you can digest the other type of foods in the depths. This is until you get the omnivore mouth. After that make sure to check your evolution page to see if you’re too far down or up so you don’t accidentally become something else.

Animal stage

This one is pretty easy. It’s just straight up a pattern. Kill one and then befriend the next. Make sure to keep a healthy diet of both attack and singing as too much in one will make it hard to either befriend or kill. Keeping your pack full is always helpful in the long run as you’ll be able to do stuff faster and easier. Another trick to move someone away from their nest so it’ll be easier to befriend due to the fact they have no friend to back them up so you can do it quickly.

Primal stage

Same thing as the last stage. Befriend and kill. I recommend befriending the hostile tribes so they don’t attack you while you try to befriend the others.

Civilization stage

Now since you’re an economic nation people will be friendlier to you. Spend money to make others like you. recommend spending 24,000 always. Never go too far with money. You need it for vehicles. If you want to, you can buy every city with the last power but if you want to make the world capitalistic like you, you have to spend the extra money to make them become capitalistic like you. Not needed, however.

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