Star Survivor Prologue – Keywords and Terminologies Guide

Quick glossary explaining keywords and terminology in the Star Survivor – Prologue game demo. Arranged in alphabetical order.

If descriptions are based on a dev or player explaining something on the Discord channel, I’ve included attribution in parentheses.

Only a few entries to start with. Will add more as I scrounge up more information.

NOTE: Star Survivor Prologue is an expanded version of the game’s initial demo release. The game is scheduled to launch in Early Access later this year (2023).

Hate (rating on each hex/map in Campaign)

  • Increased difficulty (+enemy hp) caused by killing alien bugs (from dev Cmdr Ken on Discord)
  • Red bar is the “hate meter”, if you defeat enough enemies of a wave to fill it up then you get the % credit bonus and future enemies get more HP (from Kirtash22 on DIscord)

Tags/Tagging (enabled by ship equipment)

Serves as the trigger for other weapons and can be used to make tagged enemies more xp (from Kirtash22 on Discord).

Triggers (ship equipment Upgrade)

Triggers have a chance to activate when the required condition occurs. It is independent of the normal fire rate. There can only occur 4 triggers in a second for each piece of equipment (from Kirtash22 on Discord)

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