State of Decay 2 Latest News & Updates: No Microtransactions For State of Decay 2

Similar to Capcom’s Monster Hunter World, Undead Labs has decided not to add any microtransactions to their new upcoming game State of Decay 2 which will be released this year on Xbox One and PC.

Given the fact the premium games have been invaded by microtransactions, the company decides not to ruin their game with this vexing paid system. Microtransactions and loot boxes are the two most hated features of many players in most recent games that have been released.

As a result of removing the microtransactions, Undead Labs replaced it will premium DLC’s. Quoted from their official statement on Reddit:

I’ve stated multiple times that we aren’t going to have MTX, but we will have paid DLC.

However, it seems like many are not convinced by this statement. Some are suggesting the since Microsoft is part of the publishing team, there’s still a chance that the game will have microtransactions in the future.