Steam Now Supports the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

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Valve has officially announced that Steam will now support the Nintendos Switch Pro controller. The new feature is already available but Valve says that it is still in the beta mode, but it’s likely on its wait to its official release.

Quoted from the official post announcement:

Greetings from the Steam Controller team. We’re pleased to announce that the latest Steam Client Beta adds support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. We think it is a great device with a feature set that pairs nicely with your Steam catalog. The d-pad is ideal for fighting games and platformers and the gyro enhances aim in your action/FPS titles. If you’d like to test it out you will need to opt into the Steam Client Beta then follow the steps below. We hope you enjoy and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

The Switch Pro Controller on PC is actually possible for some time now, thanks to the Bluetooth feature support of the device, but it still needs a bit of programming to make it work smoothly. With the beta release of the Steam support, making the efficiency of the connection will dramatically improve.

If you want to test it, make sure to check out the official Valve’s post for the instruction on how to set up the Switch Pro Controller support in the latest Steam Client beta.