SuchArt! Update – Graphics Tablet Update

Developer Voolgi is now rolling out the latest SuchArt update, and we have the complete release notes for you to read. According to the official changelog of update, the update brings the support graphics tablet. In addition to this new feature, the patch also makes several changes and brings bug fixes.

Unfortunately, Voolgi did not reveal the total download file size for this new patch. While the update size is not revealed, it’s good to see the new features and some minor changes in the game. Check out the complete release notes below.

SuchArt! Update Patch Notes

Other changes

  • The different MyManager modes (to receive more or less commissions) can now last much longer
  • Looking up or down doesn’t slow down your movement anymore


  • You cannot get your PetBot stuck in the trash compactor anymore!
  • Fixed/Improved using some precise brushes could leave a stroke of paint instead of a dot on some specific angles
  • Fixed picking paint from palette on a portable paint dispenser was a bit buggy
  • Fixed some rare potential crashes
  • Minor changes to the keyboard/controller choice popup. This might prevent some issues for some players.

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