Table Manners

Table Manners Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get the 100% achievements in Table Manners video game. If you’re one of the players planning to obtain all Table Manners achievements, this guide is for you.

Before we start with this achievement guide, please note that this post may contain spoilers of the game. For those who are looking for the exact achievement details, kindly search it using the Ctrl+F key combo.

Table Manners Achievement Guide

#LoveAtFirstSwipe – Picked a date from the dating app

  • Simply select your first lover from the tablet.

#FirstDate – Succeded your first date

  • Just get a successful first date.

#Stylin’ – Customised your hand

  • Customize your hand with the board on the left side of your table.


  • For this one, start choosing a lover from the app and start talking to him/her. Basically, you need to annoy him/her by being rude or boring, trying to insult your lover, and being boring, you’ll be blocked for about a minute and a half.

#RaisingTheSteaks – Completed all levels at The Meat-Up

  • Complete the first four levels.

#MyWayOrTheHighway – Changed settings in your room

  • Edit your game settings with your computer on the right side of your room.

#CondoKondo – Tidied your room

  • While you’re in your room, press the Esc button and then click the “Tidy room” button.

#AllOutOfLikes – Used all of today’s likes in the dating app

  • Just use all of your 3 likes on your tablet every day.

#AnythingButKoi – Completed all levels at Koi San’s

  • Simply finish the 4 levels in the second section of your dating book.


  • After a few successful dates, you’ll get the hand gestures you can use. First, go to the customized hand board on the right side of your table, and in the last section of the board, see the hand gestures you can use, pick the hand gestures you want to use, and click the number key on your keyboard to use it (1-4).


  • For this achievement, I recommend the third level. Pick up the lighter and burn the table, then pick up the fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

#PlainSailing – Completed all levels at Sea By The Way

  • Simply finish the 4 levels on the third section of your dating book.


  • On the fourth section of your dating book, you’re going to have an icy restaurant, just order a bottle of beer, pick it up and let it go when your hand is high above the table.


  • You’ll see a lamp on the right side of your table behind your computer monitor, simply press the off button of the lamp.

#N’IcelyDone – Completed all levels at Drink, Mix ‘N’ Chill

  • Simply finish the 4 levels on the fourth section of your dating book.


  • After you beat all the levels of the game, you’re going to have a very short and easy level of proposal, just beat it.

#FrequentFlyer – Completed all levels at Winging It

  • Simply finish the 4 levels on the fifth section of your dating book.


  • Just finish all the levels and you’re supposed to get it.

#LiquidCourage – Complete any level in Liquid Courage mode

  • After completing all the levels, you will have the option to play all the levels in the “Liquid Courage” mode, just choose the level and beat it in the “Liquid Courage” mode.

#CollectorsEdition – Acquired all customisation items

  • Acquire all customization items from your lovers. You’re supposed to get it after finishing the game or even before.

#MagnumOpus – Complete all levels in Liquid Courage mode

  • Simply finish all levels in “Liquid Courage” mode.

#Plundr – Matched with 50 dates

  • Just keep using your 3 likes every day, and you’ll eventually get it.

#MasterDater – Earned 3 hearts in all levels

  • Obtain 3 hearts at all levels.

#Dating101 – Reached 101 days

  • This is the last achievement of the purpose Guide. You can see how many days you’ve spent on the clock that’s on your table, if you still have a few days left after you’ve finished the game, just pick a level, press the Esc button, drop the date, and go home. Repeat until you reach 101 days.

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