Tacticool Champs

Tacticool Champs Achievements for Xbox One

Developer and publisher Awesome Industries has released the official Tacticool Champs achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Tacticool Champs, players will be collecting 40 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements in this game. Check out the full Tacticool Champs achievements for Xbox One.

Tacticool Champs Achievements

HumiliationKill all 3 online players in the current round with a knife75
ImmortalWin online match without a single death75
PsychopathKill a total of 1000 online players75
Monster KillKill 10 times in one online match75
InvisibleWin online match without receiving any damage40
The Great MasterGet level 50th40
A Good RunWin three online matches in a row40
VeteranKill a total of 500 online players40
GunfighterFire 10000 bullets from standard firearms in online match 40
I Have No FriendsWin 200 offline matches in Singleplayer mode40
Master Of WarfareGet 5 000 points in online match40
Bot SlayerKill 1000 bots40
Exploding BarrelsKill online player by shooting in the barrel standing next to him10
High NoonKill online player holding the revolver using revolver10
Health PickerPickup 500 Healths online10
PyrotechnistKill 200 online players with an explosive weapon10
CutthroatKill 50 online players with melee attacks10
EngineerKill 30 online players with turret10
Lucky GuyKill 50 online players with bounce discs10
ExpertKill 50 online players using a sniper rifle10
Dead ComradesKill 50 online players using heavy rifle10
CommandoKill 50 online players using light rifle10
BreacherKill 50 online players with a shotgun10
RecoillessKill 50 online players with smg10
Clean HenryKill 50 online players with a revolver10
PistoleroKill 50 online players with a pistol10
It's all because of lagsLose 3 online matches in a row10
ProfessionalKill a total of 100 online players10
First BloodKill first online player in your carrer10
Road To VictoryWin first online match in your carrer10
Pro PlayerGet 3 000 points in online match10
Grenade Launcher MasterKill 50 online characters with Grenade Launcher10
Bazooka MasterKill 50 online characters with Bazooka10
Grenades MasterKill 50 online characters with Grenades10
Flame MasterKill 50 online characters with Flames10
Barrel MasterKill 50 online characters with Barrels10
ExplosiveBelt MasterKill 50 online characters with Explosive Belt10
Remote Car MasterKill 50 online characters with RemoteCar10
Remote Bomb MasterKill 50 online characters with RemoteBomb10
Tacticool ChampionGet every available achievement110

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