Terraria Mobile Adds Controller Support for Android and iOS, Update Patch Notes Here


Developer 505 Games Srl has rolled out the newest update for Terraria on mobile devices featuring the addition of controller support for the game.

The new update is focused on bringing a whole new level of customizations to the interface and controls of the game. Now, players using Android and iOS devices can now use their all-time favorite controllers to play Terraria. You can check the full update changelog below.

Terraria Mobile Update Patch Notes

Fully Customizable Controls

  • Able to remap any existing control
    • Tapping a command from the Bindings tab and then tapping the button you wish to remap will assign the selected command to that button.
    • NOTE: Changing a button-only action to a stick will clear the action and leave an empty stick if it cannot be placed on a stick, and vice versa
    • NOTE: Square buttons only allowed for zoom buttons
  • Able to move all buttons in the available controls space
    • Movement is limited to the pre-defined “controls” space, which you can see on the Edit Interface screen.
    • When dragged outside of the controls space, buttons will turn red and, if released while red, will be deleted.
  • Able to reposition the Settings and Inventory buttons within the control space. Also able to move Inventory page tabs.
    • Inventory & Settings buttons can be moved around, but are locked to their default side of the UI.
    • Inventory page tabs (housing, PVP, Equipment, etc) can be rotated either vertically or horizontally and can be moved around within the controls space.
  • Able to add additional buttons or actions by dragging them down from the palette from the top or selecting the action and tapping to place it in an empty location
  • Able to overlap buttons
    • Layer order is dependant on the order the buttons are added to the controls space
    • The last-placed button in an overlap setting will sit on top.
  • Able to undo/redo a series of changes to a particular profile
    • NOTE: Changing any of the settings or menus will clear the undo history

Control Profiles

  • Able to set up to 4 unique control setup profiles via the profile dropdown
  • Able to add a Cycle Profile button from the bindings palette.
    • NOTE: Only profiles with a Cycle Profile button added to the controls area will be activated by the profile button in-game, so if you have a cycle profile button on 1, 2, and 3 it will cycle between these three only and not show 4.
  • Able to rename each profile and have it display in the game when cycled
  • Able to choose the active profile from the settings menu without adding a cycle profile button

Additional Settings

  • Added: Pinch Zoom on/off
  • Affects both world and map
  • Added: Chat Order Top Down / Bottom Up
  • Added: Passwords Hidden/Visible
    • Uses the password keyboard and hides password text in the host box
    • The on-screen keyboard will still display character by character when typing so not completely streamer safe!
  • Added: Aim Sensitivity slider when the smart cursor is off
  • Aim and Use Mode: By Item Type (Default), Global For All, Always Aim Only, Always Aim & Use
  • Smart Cursor Mode: By Item Type (Default), Global For All, always Off, always

Controller Support

  • Added support for Bluetooth/MFI compatible gamepads.
    • We do not have an exhaustive list of compatible controllers, but for example, bluetooth-capable Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamepads do work well.
  • Able to rebind MOST actions on the controller
    • This is accessed via the Controller tab in settings and allows for thorough remapping.
    • Some ‘default’ actions are set by the system when a window overtakes the control screen. (Main Menus, NPC dialogues, Hair Stylist, Dresser)
    • Some bindings for secondary Stick sticks for movement and aiming, allowing you an alternate to move or aim in the menus when main sticks are bound to menu navigation
  • Added Four Default Controller Setups:
    • Simplified – Intended for the newer or younger player
      • Recommended additional settings:
      • Stick Jump: Single Tap Up or Swipe
      • Autoswing: On
    • Advanced – Intended for the experienced Terrarian
    • Console – Intended for those used to playing on XB1/PS4/Switch
    • Custom (make your own!)

Additional Controller Settings

  • Navigation delay slider: to speed up or slow down inventory navigation
  • Swap shoulders and triggers: This changes the [HOLD] keys
    • Changes LB to LT on Xbox controller
    • Changes L1 to L2 Dualshock 4 controller
  • Aim sensitivity slider: additional setting when a controller is connected and smart cursor is off
  • Aim and Use Mode: By Item Type (Default), Global for All, Always Aim Only, Always Aim & Use
  • Smart Cursor Mode: By Item Type (Default), Global for All, Always Off, Always On

Revised Menus

  • Player Creation menu has been revised, and now provides a preview of your character
  • World Creation menu also revised to match player creation
  • Hairstylist window is now a popup in the game
  • Dresser window is now a popup in the game

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed! No longer able to put non-equipment items into equipment slots
  • Fixed! A number of rare crashes
  • Fixed! Improvements to the grapple stick’s accuracy
  • Fixed! If a multiplayer game is not reachable, the game will time-out

Terraria is available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and more.