The Rewinder

The Rewinder Save Game Data and File Location

The Rewinder has officially arrived on PC. Unlike the other video games, the developer of the game decides to store The Rewinder save game file locally. This means that you can create a backup copy or modify the save game of The Rewinder easily. But where can you find the save game data of the game?

The Rewinder Save Game Location

Before we show you the location of the save game file of The Rewinder, we highly advise that you create a backup copy of the original file before making any changes. This will be your last hope to recover your progress in case something unwanted happens. Anyway, here’s where you can find the save game:


If you’re not sure what the username of your current profile is, you can easily access the folder by opening a new File Explorer window and typing %USERPROFILE% in the location bar, then hitting enter.

Another method is to use the Run command, which can be accessed by pressing Windows key + R, entering %USERPROFILE%, and then press Run. These methods will take you directly to your user profile folder.

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