Itachi Uchiha

These 5 Things Are What Itachi Would Do if He Didn’t Die in the Series

Itachi Uchiha was a ninja with a well-constructed story in the Naruto universe. He is Sasuke’s older brother who massacred his entire clan to prevent a bigger war from happening.

Itachi died during the reckoning of his younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha, who sought revenge against him.

Unfortunately, his high potential was lost with his death, but we were lucky to see him return with Edo-Tensei. But did you think what would happen differently in Itachi’s life if he wasn’t killed?

Well, here are the most obvious things that Itachi would do if Sasuke listened to him and spared his life.

He Will Continue Protecting the Konoha Village

Itachi cared for his clan, but placed the wishes of the village above him, the greatest proof of which was the Uchiha genocide.

Everything Itachi did during his 21 years was to protect the village, either directly or indirectly, so no one would be surprised if he continued to protect it if he were alive. In fact, he was protecting the village by joining the Akatsuki.

He Will Become Stronger

Itachi Uchiha became Chunnin at the age of 10 in Naruto series. Subsequently, he joined the Anbu and became the captain there and later massacred his clan. Itachi’s life was not the best, but his development as a shinobi was surreal.

Thanks to the Sharingan that was in his eyes, Itachi developed Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Susano and became a respectable ninja.

Itachi’s life was not interrupted by Sasuke, although many think so. Throughout his life, Itachi developed an incurable disease that, in short, was killing him from the inside out. He had potential, however, this disease condemned him.

He Will Become the Sixth Hokage

Itachi had everything to become the best Hokage of the Konoha Village, but the things the village put on his back hurt him. As Itachi was Kakashi’s rival in his teens, it is only fair that he assume the 6th position of leadership in the village.

He had the respect, the strength and, most important of all, the wisdom of a Hokage.

He Will Lead Konoha’s Military Force

The Uchiha wanted to take over the leadership of Konoha through a coup, but before that, they were the ones who took care of the village’s military force.

The military police were created by Tobirama Senju and given to the Uchiha as a form of trust. If Itachi remained alive and in Konoha, he would take over from his father and become the leader of the organization.

Do Missions Together With Sasuke

Imagine how cool it would be to see Itachi and Sasuke together on a dangerous mission, where one would take care of the other’s life.

During the Fourth World Ninja War, they faced Kabuto and showed the great potential they had working as a team. Certainly there would be no one and no mission capable of stopping this duo.

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