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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 212 Release Date, Predictions, and Recap

Without any hesitation, Draken rejected the invitation that South Terano offered in Chapter 310. The latest Tokyo Revengers manga chapter titled “The Law of the Jungle” sees how the leader of the Rokuhara Tandai gang attacked Draken.

According to Draken, he’s already retired and he also doesn’t want to get involved in whatever business they have. This pissed South Terano and punched Draken multiple times. Draken, who was once a formidable gang member, didn’t put up any fight and let the gang leader punch him.

South Terano asked Draken again to work under his command and at the same time, turned his attention to Takemichi. Takemichi didn’t get a chance to respond as he was surprised by the unexpected appearance of Takeomi Akashi.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 212 Predictions

The appearance of Akashi of Brahman is unexpected. Just like the number of Rokuhara Tandai, Akashi has been accompanied by his subordinates. The end of the previous chapter hints that an impending clash between two gangs is about to happen.

Let’s see how things unfold in the next chapter of the Tokyo Revengers manga.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 212 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers fans will be able to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 212 on June 30, 2021, Wednesday. The manga series is being distributed by Kodansha, which is also the source of the English manga translations.

The raw scans and English translations of the manga series are expected to be available on various sites. However, be reminded that most of these sites are not authorized to distribute the series. We are highly recommending reading Chapter 212 of the Tokyo Revengers manga from the official distributors.