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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214 Spoilers, Release Date: Draken vs South

The leaders of the two gangs and their members have finally met each other. Chapter 213 features the heating pressures between Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai. Now, manga fans are hyped to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214.

The latest chapter debuts two characters that will be playing a big role in the upcoming clash. These two delinquents are the first members of Black Dragon. In the last few chapters, we have seen that the former 9th generation of Black Dragon leader, Shion Madarame, is part of Rokuhara Tandai. Many are expecting that Akashi Takeomi and Shion Madarame are the only ones coming from Black Dragon. However, it turns out that there are still formidable characters from the gang.

In Chapter 213, Tokyo Revengers manga has finally revealed the other high-ranking profile of Brahman. These are Keizo Arashi and Wakasa Imaushi, former and founding members of Black Dragon. Being one of the first generation Black Dragon members, they have seen how Black Dragon conquered the underground world in Japan.

Apart from the debut of Keizo and Wakasa, the previous chapter also left fans with some exciting cliffhangers. This was due to Draken getting pumped up after seeing the faces from the past. Draken asked South to continue the fight that was initially started before the arrival of Brahman.

Chapter 214 Prediction

As seen in the last spread of the previous chapter, it seems that there will be a one-on-one fight between Draken and South. South Terano is considered as one of the strongest gang leaders in Tokyo right now.

Will Draken be able to stand a chance against South Terano? Is this also a sign that Draken will be returning to the gang world? Let’s find out in the next issue of Tokyo Revengers.

Chapter 214 Release Date

As of the moment, there is no announcement for any delay of the next manga chapter of Tokyo Revengers. That being said, it is safe to assume that the Tokyo Revengers manga series will be released on its regular schedule.

Just like the other popular manga series like One Piece and Dr. Stone, Tokyo Revengers is getting a new chapter every week. To be exact, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 214 will be available on July 14, 2021, Wednesday.

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