Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224: Spoilers, Release Date, and Recap

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224 is just around the corner. After the dramatic moment in the previous chapter, the manga continues with Draken being picked up by the ambulance. Many are asking if Draken will survive. Well, we still don’t have the answer right now as the latest chapter features the flashback moments of Draken and the founding members of Tokyo Manji Gang. Read on as we tell you all the important details about the upcoming Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224 Spoilers

As of writing, there are still no leaked Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224 spoilers and raw scans. Spoilers for the manga are usually leaked 2 to 3 days before the slated release date. Just like what happened in the previous chapter, the spoilers were first spotted on Twitter and Reddit. We recommend checking out these relevant platforms to get the initial spoilers ahead of time.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224 Release Date

The 224th chapter of Tokyo Revengers is scheduled to officially release on September 28, 2021, Tuesday. Unless there are no unexpected schedule changes, manga fans should expect to see the scanlation of the new chapter on the mentioned date.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224 Online Reading

Be the first to read the official English-translated version of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224 by grabbing a copy from the official manga distributors. Currently, you can secure a copy of Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers on Inkypen, Comixology Unlimited, Inkr, and Mangamo. Just like Viz, these are premium sources, and you have to spend some money to read the next chapter of Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 223 Recap

The previous chapter is titled “Good Old Days”. The manga starts with the arrival of the ambulance to rescue Draken. The former vice-president of Tokyo Revengers started counting from 3 to 1 and we got to see a flashback of him and the other former members of Tokyo Manji Gang.

Draken, along with the other founders of the Tokyo Manji Gang, were seen driving to the beach early in the morning. While driving, the members of the gang talked about how Toman is becoming bigger each day. Draken said that this improvement was because their leader was Mikey.

The gang reached the beach ahead of the sunrise. With the chilling wind touching their skins, Chifuyu and Hakkai brought some warm drinks for them. As the sun started to rise, Draken approached Mikey, as they talked about their plans to conquer the whole country. The manga chapter ends with the current timeline, where Draken has started to finally lose his consciousness while remembering Emma.