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Top 1 Pokemon GO Player Banned From Pokemon GO

Unfortunately, the top Pokemon GO player Brandon Tan has received the ban hammer from Niantic for violating Pokemon GO’s terms of service.

Brandon Tan is a Singaporean Pokemon Go player, and while he considers himself as the best Pokemon Go player, he has violated some of the major rules of Pokemon GO.

If you’re unaware of what’s happening around him, he openly sells Pokemon Go accounts online for around $400 and also has 5 Pokemon Go accounts. This two things that he has done is against the terms of service of the game.

Brandon Tan Pokemon GO Temporary Ban

It’s been two years since Pokemon GO was released, and it seems like Niantic is done with this guy. While Tan is known for his violations, it seems like Niantic has implemented the three-strike warning to his account. He is still lucky that his account did not get a permanent ban, instead, Pokemon GO just gave him a temporary ban for 30 days.

As previously reported, Niantic has been constantly banning violators of the game including the illegal use of third-party apps and GPS spoofing. Many Pokemon GO players around the world received the ban for this reason.

Brandon Tan Pokemon GO Service

Few days before his suspension, Tan has publicly posted a Pokemon GO service for catching the Legendary Mewtwo. And in my opinion, this is one of the main reason why Niantic finally decided to give him a temporary ban.

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By Amber Davis

Amber is a young self-published author with a perchance for writing gaming related contents. When she's not writing or studying she's playing her favorite game Super Mario.