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  • Offroad Horizons

    Offroad Horizons Controls and Shortcuts

    After almost 2 years since the start of the early access, developer and publisher Grenoble Interactive has finally launched Offroad Horizons. In the game, you will be trailing into dangerous […]

  • Ctrl Alt Ego

    Ctrl Alt Ego Controls and Shortcuts

    Developer and publisher MindThunk has just launched their newest FPS video game, Ctrl Alt Ego. The game features a lot of exploration and some out-of-the-world techs. If you’re one of […]

  • PlayForm: Human Dynamics

    PlayForm: Human Dynamics Controls and Shortcuts Guide

    CodeHatch has officially released their newest experimental physics sandbox video game, PlayForm. In the game, you can simulate humans jumping, pushing, and more. It’s basically a game where you experience […]

  • Crossword Clues

    Crossword Clue Database

    Looking for a certain crossword clue answer? Simply input the keyword and hit the search button below to find the closest answer for the crossword puzzle that you’re currently working […]

  • Curse of the Deadwood

    Curse of the Deadwood Controls and Shortcuts Guide

    Steamroller Studios has finally launched their newest action-adventure game Curse of the Deadwood, where you need to fight and defeat the horde of zombies. The game can be played solo […]

  • Cartel Tycoon

    Cartel Tycoon Controls and Shortcuts Guide

    After being on early access for more than a year, developer Moon Moose has officially launched Cartel Tycoon. Cartel Tycoon is a resource management and RTS game where you manage […]

  • Sapiens

    Sapiens Key Bindings and Controls Guide

    The early access of Majic Jungle’s newest colony simulator video game, Sapiens, has finally been kicked off. There are lots of things that can be done in the game, which […]

  • TombStar

    TombStar Controls and Shortcuts Guide

    No More Robots has finally released their newest action-roguelike video game TombStar. In the game, you will be fighting hordes of enemies, which is why you should equip yourself with […]


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