Total Tank Generals PC Controls and Shortcuts

This page covers the list of Total Tank Generals controls and keyboard shortcuts for PC. Total Tank Generals is a strategy simulation video game developed by Noobz From Poland. The game is currently available on Windows PC via Steam.

Total Tank Generals Controls

The following are the default Total Tank Generals key bindings. You can change these controls by going to Options > Controls tab.

Camera MovementW A S D or Arrow Keys
Move Camera on HoldM / Left Mouse Button
Rotate Camera on HoldF / Middle Mouse Button
Zoom InMouse Wheel / Q or E
Reset Camera ViewG
Toggle Grid ViewH
Change Current UnitTab / Spacebar
Enter Entrenchment / Overwatch StateZ
Enter Assault ModeX
Force Shortest Path During Path SelectionLeft Shift
Select Units of the Same CategoryLeft Ctrl + Left Mouse Button
Select Multiple UnitsLeft Shift + Left Mouse Button
Quick SaveF5
Quick LoadF9
Pause MenuEsc
Total Tank Generals Controls

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