Townscaper PC Keyboard Controls

This guide will be showing you the default Townscaper keyboard controls for PC. As of the moment, the developer did not add a remapping feature for Townscaper controls.

Townscaper Keyboard Controls

Add blockLeft Mouse Button
Remove blockRight Mouse Button
Rotate cameraLeft Mouse Button (Drag)
Pan cameraRight Mouse Button (Drag)
ZoomMouse Scroll Wheel
Select color at the block the cursor is overAlt + Left Mouse Button
Move CameraW A S D
↑ ← ↓ →
Page Up or Page Down
Select Colors 1 to 10Alpha 1 to 0
Select Color 11 to 16Y U I O P
Cycle Colors, and .
RedoCtrl + X
UndoCtrl + Z
Delete CityRight-click in the Open menu then hold left click on the delete button

Did we miss any key controls for Townscaper? Please let us know in the comments below.

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