UK studio Playground Is Reportedly In Development Of A New Fable Game

Fable was one of the greatest games back then before its previous developer, Lionhead Studios, closed it down on 2016. Since then, there is no news from Microsoft about what’s coming next to Fable. However, according to the latest report, it seems like Microsoft handed over the franchise to UK studio Playground for development of a new Fable game.

In a recent report by Eurogamer, Microsoft planned to resurrect the game and has given the task to the previous developer of Forza Horizon series, the UK studio Playground. The new Fable project is said to be developed by Playground in their new office at Warwickshire.

There are no exact numbers of people on this project, but reports said that the company needs around 200 people to complete the project. Meaning, it is still too early to expect that we will be getting a look at a new gameplay.

Playground is considered as one of the best and talented game developers right now and it’s safe to say that this new Fable game will be awesome. Back in 2016, Playground’s Forza Horizon 3 is one of the biggest Xbox game and the faith is the developer can make another good and high-quality Fable adventure once it came to the open-world RPG genre.