Upcoming Zombie Game World War Z Reveals Six Zombie-Killing Classes

Following the announcement of World War Z will be available on Epic Games Store, Saber Interactive has revealed the six zombie-killing classes that will be available in the game.

In the new video released today, World War Z features the six playable classes in the game. This includes the Slasher, Hellraiser, Exterminator, Gunslinger, Medic, and Fixer.

World War Z Preview
World War Z Preview

As seen in the video, each type of classes have their own specialties. While all of them have their unique characteristics, my attention went to the Slasher and Medic classes. Slashers are more on melee combat and the Medic which can heal their teammates from a far distance.


World War Z is heading to PC via Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One in 2019.

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