Valheim – How to Skip Night With uMod

Fear of the darkness? Do you wonder what lurks in the darkness during the night? Just love the sun shines on your bearded face? Skip the night, even if they’re not sleeping, or keep it all day in the world of Valheim.

In this Valheim guide, we will be helping you setup uMod on your own server and install the plugin called Sleepless, which will give you the ability to skip night time or always keep the sun shining all day.

Valheim Dedicated Server Setup

For players who already have their server setup and uMod ready, then you can skip this step. If not, please check this link on how to properly set up a dedicated server for Valheim with uMod installed.

Installing Sleepless uMod Plugin

Now that you already have your server up and running, it’s time for you to install the uMod Sleepless plugin.

First, you have to download the plugin from this link.

After download, copy the file into your server’s uMod folder which is located at “umod/plugins”. And that’s it! You can now use the Sleepless plugin without restarting your server.

Config Path: “umod/config/Sleepless.toml”

# Number of players needed to skip night
players_needed_to_skip = 1
# Prevent skipping night when players sleep
prevent_skipping_night = false

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