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Valheim – All Bows and Arrows and Damage Stats

This guide will be covering the details about all the bow weapons in Valheim. Discover the bows and arrows’ type, damage stats, and more.

As of making this guide, there’s a total of 4 bows and 10 arrow types in Valheim. Below are the details about these weapons.

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All Bows and Damage Stats

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Icon Name Damage Type Damage
Valheim Crude bow Crude bow Pierce 22
Valheim Finewood bow Finewood bow Pierce 32
Valheim Huntsman bow Huntsman bow Pierce 42
Valheim Draugr Fang Draugr Fang Pierce: 47
Poison: 5

All Arrows and Damage Stats

Icon Name Damage Type Damage
Valheim Wood arrow Wood arrow Pierce 14
Flinthead arrow Flinthead arrow Pierce 27
Bronzehead arrow Bronzehead arrow Pierce 32
Fire arrow Fire arrow Pierce: 11
Fire: 22
Ironhead arrow Ironhead arrow Pierce 42
Obsidian arrow Obsidian arrow Pierce 52
Needle arrow Needle arrow Pierce 62
Silver arrow Silver arrow Pierce: 52
Spirit: 20
Poison Arrow Poison arrow Pierce: 26
Poison: 52
Frost arrow Frost arrow Pierce: 26
Frost: 52

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