Valorant Reyna

Valorant’s Global Launch Brings New Map, Operator, and Modes

Valorant has been in beta phase for almost two months and now that it is over, Riot Games has officially launched Valorant worldwide. The global launch of Valorant adds a new map, operator, and mode.

The official launch of Valorant video game brings the new map called Ascent, an Italian-themed floating island. Along with the map is the introduction of the new operator named Reyna, a Mexican assassin who climbs from the bottom. For players who participates the beta phase, you will be able to notice that Ascent map will be frequently used during the early days of the official release.

Valorant Ascent Map

Now, what is the new game mode that comes along with Ascent and Reyna? It’s the Spike Rush where players will be equipped with the same random weapon and all attackers with Spikes. This mode will allow users to use all abilities. Spike Rush mode will be a best-of-seven game.