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Vikendi Map Finally Arrives To PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PS4

Better late than never. Following the release of PUBG on PS4 last September 2018, it has been constantly receiving the features that the Xbox and PC users have been enjoying.

Vikendi map, a snow-themed map is one of the new features that many players have been waiting is finally coming to the PS4 version of PUBG. According to the official patch notes, the Vikendi map will be included in PUBG update version 1.06.

PUBG PS4 Vikendi Map
PUBG PS4 Vikendi Map

Apart from the new map, update 1.06 will also bring two new weapons called The Skorpion and G36C.

PUBG PS4 New Weapon: G36C
PUBG PS4 New Weapon: G36C

A new vehicle called Snowmobile that can carry two players will also be added to the game. Be informed that the Snowmobile will only spawn on Vikendi map, so if you’re planning to ride it, make sure that you select the correct map before starting the game.

This update is expected to roll out on January 22, 2019. If you want to check the full patch notes, feel free to visit the official details from here.

By Earl Stewart

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