VR Support May Come To DiRT Rally 2.0 If The Community Wants It

Codemasters has confirmed that DiRT Rally 2.0 won’t be having a VR support feature during its launch. However, they also revealed that VR support may come to the game if there’s a huge demand for the feature.

During the end month of September, Codemasters has announced DiRT Rally 2.0. There are no enough details apart from the announcement trailer, but during the live stream a few days ago, they revealed something interesting to all DiRT Rally and VR fans.

DiRT Rally VR Support
Image Credit: YouTube SimRacingGirl

“We won’t be having VR in the game for launch but it is something that we’re listening to everybody’s comments and all of the things the community have to say about it,” says Ross. “If there’s an enormous demand for it (VR support) then yep, we can do it. It’s no small undertaking but if its what people want, then well try to get it done,” he added.

Now that Ross Gowing confirmed the possibility of VR support for the upcoming DiRT Rally 2.0, just imagine how amazing the game will look like in VR. With the DiRT Rally 2.0 announcement trailer that was released last month, we’re really excited to play the game.