Warhaven Controls Guide for PC

This article covers the complete list of Warhaven controls for Windows PC. Warhaven is a medieval sword-fighting game developed and published by Nexon Korea Corporation. The game features 16 vs 16 team fights.

Warhaven Controls

The following are the default Warhaven key bindings.

Action Key
Movement W A S D
Sprint Shift
Jump Spacebar
Normal Attack Left Mouse Button
Normal Attack (Reverse Direction) Ctrl + Left Mouse Button
Block Right Mouse Button
Thrust Mouse Wheel Up
Vertical Slash Mouse Wheel Down
Skill 1 Q
Skill 2 E
Skill 3 R
Interaction F
Incarnation 1 2 3 4
Squad Support V
Signal Maker Middle Mouse Button / C
Warp to Base B
Scoreboard Tab
Change Heroes (Before Game Starts) P
Emote G
Voice Chat T
Help F1
Menu Esc
Warhaven Controls

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