And Stay Down

Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Get And Stay Down

In Watch Dogs: Legion, players will be able to collect a lot of trophies and achievements. One of these trophies is called And Stay Down, where you are required to take down and kill a DedSec Adversary.

If you’re wondering how to complete and obtain this And Stay Down achievement, read on as we will be telling you the step-by-step guide on how to achieve it. Please note that this is a secret trophy on PS4 and achievement on Xbox One.

And Stay Down

Unlockable Trophy

  • And Stay Down
    Defeat a DedSec Adversary

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How to Get And Stay Down

Obtaining this secret trophy can be easily done. You only need to let one of your operatives get killed by an enemy. Any operatives will do, but make sure that you have the alternative operative with the same skills.

First, you need to go to a restricted area and attack any of the available enemies. You can provoke them to kill by attacking them with a gun. But be careful not to kill them.

After being killed, swap to any operative and quickly visit the place where your team member was killed. There, you will be seeing the “Adversary” text next to the health bar of the killer who killed the first operative.

Takedown and kill this enemy to earn and unlock the secret trophy called “And Stay Down” on PlayStation 4. In case there is no Adversary text showing on any of the enemies around, just repeat the process to make it appear.

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