Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion – City of Westminster Oppression Defiance Challenges

The newest Watch Dogs: Legion by Ubisoft has brought lots of activities in the game. One of these is the oppression defiance challenges that can be found in each location.

In the City of Westminster, there are three activities that you can find the game. These are 1 Rescue Freedom Fighter and 2 Disrupt Propaganda. Completing these three challenges is a one-step mission to obtain the Watch Dogs: Legion trophy called Take Back London in PlayStation 4.

City of Westminster Oppression Challenges

Rescue Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter

Enter the building of New Scotland Yard and proceed to the path with the active body scanner. You can find the freedom fighter in one of the rooms where he is being detained. To open the door, all you need to do is interact with the circuit box located on the left side of the room.

Disrupt Propaganda 1/2

ctOS Console

Your mission was to hack the ctOS console inside the building. Use a Cargo drone and proceed to the rooftop. Find the big box blocking the entrance of the air duct. Using your Cargo drone, pick up the box and put it somewhere.

Now that air duct path is clear, step down and summon a Spiderbot. Use it to enter the air duct and find the passage going to the ctOS console. You will find the right room as it has a ctOS logo on it.

Disrupt Propaganda 2/2

ctOS Console

Using a Cargo drone, fly on top of the Buckingham Palace. You will find the ctOS console below the pole antenna. Please note of the patrolling drone around the area. If it spots you, just engage and destroy. You can acquire the Cargo drone from the construction workers near the Buckingham Palace.

Final Defiance Mission

Once you already finished the three required challenges, you need to do the mission called “Like Clockwork” which will be marked on the map, outside your Safehouse. To complete this mission, you must use a Spiderbot to navigate up the Clocktower of London.

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