Wordle #378 July 2, 2022 Answer

New York Times has just released Wordle 378 for July 2, 2022, and we already have the correct answers for you to know. Of course, you’re obviously here because you want to know the correct word, right? There’s nothing wrong with that. But before we tell you the correct Wordle 378 answer, let us give you the hint for today’s word puzzle.

Wordle #378 Clues and Hints

Here are the 6 clues that you can check for today’s Wordle puzzle:

Did you already know the correct word for Wordle #378? If not, then let’s cut all these chases and proceed to the answer.

Wordle #378 Answer

There are lots of possible answers for today’s Wordle. However, once we already filtered all the words, the final answer will lead us to the word EGRET.

But what exactly does EGRET mean? Here’s the definition of the word EGRET according to Oxford Languages:


  • A heron with mainly white plumage, having long plumes in the breeding season.

Did you manage to get the answer before we show it to you? If yes, then get ready for tomorrow’s Wordle puzzle. If you want to solve the next Wordle puzzle, we recommend using our Wordle Solver Tool to make things easier. Our Wordle Solver Tool has a database of words that have been found from the official New York Times Wordle game.

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